Friday, January 8, 2010

My phone is MIA

It started around noon on a Sunday. I had just about completed the routine 50(+/-) loads of laundry and was clearing the top of the entertainment center which is the prime nesting spot for cell phones. Mine was not in the nest. When the dh caught me trying to sneak up on the elusive hiding spot of my phone, I had to confess. The perfect rose color LG enV2 phone with the sweet little flip keyboard and my contact list had ran away from home.

“Where did you have it last?” Well, Mr. Smartie Pants, if I had known that why was I prying up large pieces of furniture and wailing like my best friend had left me? To accept his sincere help, I confess that I didn’t know where it could be all the while explaining every step I had taken in the last 24 hours. DH dialed the number. We stood perfectly still, waiting for the sound. We heard nothing so like all foolish hearts, we moved to another location and repeated the act. We got no response from the little lonely sad rose phone.

Last night, we had dinner and played cards at friends house. (Thanks Wendy & RC- love you guys.) I couldn’t have left the phone there, they would have called by now. Last night, I would have come into the house, tucked the little phone on top of the entertainment center next to the dh’s phone and went to bed. So we went over the areas, the living room, the bathroom counter tops, and the dressing table top and under the dressing table. Under the bed, in the bed, in the kicked off shoes all proved fruitless. The poor dogs didn’t even look guilty.

After awhile we decided to forget about it for awhile. Pretend you don’t care that it is missing. Soon it will show up with its soft vibrating call for its mother. Then I heard a sound. It was the banging sound of something not normal being tossed around within the washing machine. By my calculations, my wayward rose color phone had been though approximately 2.5 washes. It was dead!

DH tried to console me but it was no use. He rescued the little memory card but he couldn’t staunch the flow of soapy water from the little guy. After grieving for approximately 30 minutes, we had about 2 hours to get to the Verizon store before closing. We were on a mission of mercy to adopt another phone.

We had heard about the Druid phone from the land of Google. The large display pulled my dh directly to her. That Druid had all the sweet enticing gimmicks to charm my man into wanting her. DH was cooing to the Druid, touching her, running his fingers over her and watching in amazement as she responded to all his touches. DH offered the Druid to me to inspect but it just didn’t feel right. It was too slick, too busy and the key pad wasn’t as responsive as my little LG enV2 had been. I had my TomTom for directions and my laptop with mobile wireless internet. I just need a phone that I could text and use as a regular phone.

Somehow, that bold sophisticated Druid phone with all her tricks came home with the dh. I got his black LG enV2. One day, I might too be seduced by the Druid but for now, it’s nice having the comfort of an old trusted friend. All and all, it’s a great solution. I have a phone that I understand and he’s got a new toy that keeps him busy learning and can’t control the channel changer in the evening.