Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my husband of seven years. We were married on a very rainy Monday in a little park.

No 7 year itch allowed.

The great thing is, we are still grinning at each other.
I'm looking forward to many more anniversaries.
Love ya husband.

Monday, October 19, 2009

screwed up

got it all screwed up and trying to get it corrected

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Joking around........sorta

Cartoon from Scotland Press.

Catch what they are saying across the Pond.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I love October because it's official camping weather in southeast TEXAS. We have a little membership to a private campground on the north end of Lake Livingston called Marina Village.
We arrived and got sit up just in time to watch the sun set.

The next morning was rainy but it didn't matter. The fish weren't biting and the twins were in the wrestling mode. Hard to believe those long legs belong to an eight year old.

I thought he had the twins under control for a moment.

Then they started plotting together. One keeps him occupied while the other circles around from behind. Sounded like a good plan.

Until the old dog catches on and comes in to help.

Even with the nasty weather, it was a great weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I got these pictures from emails that have been sent to me. I feel very strongly that the people that were there represented me more so then any elected official. This movement isn't about being a certain party, it's about making our government responsible. Government spending is out of control. The more names they call us, the more lies they tell us, the more they chose to ignore us, will only make us stronger.

This event was not reported on any of the MSM (Main Stream Media) even though it was a larger group of people then the inauguaration or the Million Man March. The MSM believe we, the people, do not count, that we, the people, do no deserve to be taken serious.

When will the media, President Obama and Congress figure out that we are tired of their wasteful spending?

This is the first great conservative anti-statist manifestation in American history. The conservative movement, which developed in the post-WWII, Cold War environment has now fully matured into the most significant political movement of the 21st century. I believe that this day could be referred to in the not too distant future as the day that changed America. This was the day the great silent conservative majority finally found its voice.

Many of the attendees were quite meek and timid and were unsure of exactly what to expect, this being the first time in their lives they’d been involved in a protest movement. Their fears evaporated early in the day and I saw people reveling in the camaraderie , the joy and sheer civility that was exhibited at the entire event. Chants of “Freedom, freedom, freedom”, “No more czars! No more czars!” carried through the air without the slightest hint of rancor or incivility which is the norm at the leftist rallies I have photographed over the years

Nancy Pelosi has accused patriotic tea-partyers of “carrying swastikas” implying that they are Nazi sympathizers. This event was wall to wall hammers and sickles and words like “socialist” “communist” and “Marxist” etc. It continues to fascinate me how long the Democrats will tolerate this without ever commenting on it. Either they like it, or there’s something

WALNUT – Workers Against Lazy Non-Producers United Together — the conservative answer to ACORN. Didn’t have to ask them if they were receiving any taxpayer money like radical left-wing ACORN. Different DNA!

The two photos above show a tiny fraction of the two million ABC estimates attended. I saw signs and heard lots of comments comparing this event to Woodstock. At the time this photo was taken, around 1:00 p.m., Pennsylvania Avenue was still jammed completely, and the mall was packed from the Capitol Building past the Washington Monument. See aerial photos here.

There were notable differences though, in the behavior of these attendees. Although the legend of Woodstock is that there was a friendly atmosphere of camaraderie, the truth is that most people were there for the drugs, sex and rock and roll. Today in D.C. there was a true kinship amongst these people based on shared values and intellectual understanding of what America is and how its future is imperiled by big radical government.No one was having sex in the Reflecting Pool let alone the mud, and I saw no one projectile vomiting on the steps of the Capitol. There were no warnings to avoid the bad acid which would send you on a trip to the hospital. Not just a different era, but a different level of civilized behavior and thought. Oh, and by the way, these people didn’t leave tons of garbage behind when they left. Actually they left no trash behind at all.

In the very center of the photo, above the Silence is Consent – Can You Hear Us Now sign, you can see Pennsylvania Ave., which at this time is totally blocked with protesters who cannot move forward to the Capitol area. Sorry, full up.

San Diego radio host Mason Weaver said from the podium: “I came here because I thought you might want to hear a black man speak without a teleprompter…This government is trying to make a nation of dependent people. Americans have always been independent people…This is not a Republican thing, it’s not a Democrat thing. It’s not a black thing or a white thing. It’s an American thing…We the people are telling them ‘No more! We’ve had enough!”

These Ohioans took a day off their rodeo bullriding schedule. They said they’ll be back at it tomorrow.Mike Pence (R-Indiana) was one of the speakers who addressed the crowd: “After years of fighting runaway government on this hill, you people look like the cavalry to me..I believe we are on the verge of a great American awakening.”

Protesters came from every state in the union. This man came from San Antonio, TX. He said that he was really sorry he hadn’t brought his family. He stated that being a black conservative he was afraid to expose his children to what he expected would be a lot of liberal abuse. He was thrilled with the tenor of the event and the fact that no liberals were present to harass him. He spoke about how incredibly intolerant the left is to black individuals who don’t bow to the party line.

Just a little extra note, there were no arrest made this day, no trash left behind or property destroyed. Doesn't sound like a typical mob.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Life is Good

This says it all. No matter what kind of sucky day you've had, you have tomorrow. Life is good.
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 2009 Debt Pie Chart

August was a strange month. We just had a lot of extra stuff pulling at our budget but we still manage to get the truck PAID OFF! Yea us!

*happy dance*

There is a little change in how I am getting my numbers for the house. I was using numbers that reflect how much the house is worth vs what we took a mortgage out for. I decided just to use the debt number (outstanding mortgage amount).

We are hoping to have the car and rv paid off in 2010, and the house in 2011. It is a plan.

Dave Ramsey rocks.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Front porches are so important. They are the "wave" to the passing neighbor. The first impression to a passer-by. Mine was blah and bland. Nothing inviting that made you want to linger and sit awhile and watch the world go by.

Lowes has paint for plastic for about $4.50 a can. The primer did cover the two chairs and I need a can of red pain per chair. Total $13.50. This red is the only shade of red available.

I sanded down the small table. One can of white outdoor wood spray paint ($3.50) made the table looke great. I put on about 2 coats with an hour wait in between coats of paint.
I had some extra red paint to accent the table. I cut an old kitchen sponge and just sponge on red squares for a quickie chess table.

It's bright and cheery. Stop by. I'll make some sweet tea and whup your butt in a game of checkers.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dining Room

I use the term dining room because it sounds better then "the hallway to the outside". It's a very small 103" x 120". There was an air conditon built into the wall (not a window). The door open into the room and took up much of the floor space. With 3 dogs in the house, I wanted a doggie door.

We liked the glass door looking out to the back of the property. Another glass door was a must. We special order from Home Depot an extra large sliding glass door. Even though I hate dirty tracks associated with sliding doors, I felt that to free up the floor space from swing doors, this was the only option. The dh did a great job taking out the old a/c unit, enlarging the door opening and installing the new door.

The doggie door panel was easy to install with a couple of screws and the glass doors will lock onto the panel. As extra security, we got a piece of wood cut to fit into the track.

The curtains were added. At first DH thought they made the room look even smaller. I decide against a valance and placed the rod close to the ceiling. It seem to help. I love the cottage feel of the room now.

Now, I'm on the hunt for a smaller table. Maybe something square with pull out leaves. It must seat 6 when completely pulled out for family get togethers but breaks down small enough to walk around on most days.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Aunt Tina

"Death leaves a heartache No one can heal;
Love leaves a memory No one can steal."

My husband's beloved Aunt Tina passed away this week. I had met her a couple times. She was always ready with a smile and a loving hug. It's so hard to realize that a life can be taken away at a young age of 53. Colon cancer is an ugly disease. Her husband of 32 years is lost without her. I feel for the ones left behind. Her husband and her son. How do you ease some one's pain from a distance. We are here in TEXAS and the family is grieving in Maine.

Tina had worked in Crisis & Counseling for more than 20 years. She also taught adult education for the Augusta School Department. What an empty spot Tina's passing has made is so many lives.

We send our prayers to our family and hold them in our heart as they travel though this time of grief. On the other side is only the sweet and warm memories of good times filled with laughter and soft smiles.

You will be miss Aunt Tina. May the angels deliver you safely into heaven.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Teeth Whitening

I'm a major ice tea drinker and am always looking for a whitening system that works and doesn't bust my budget. I read great reviews about Plus White Whitening and finally found it at Walgreens.

The box that I purchase included:

Plus+White Pre-Whitener Rinse which helps remove film and loosen stains from your teeth, enabling the Gel to lift away stains even more effectively.

Plus+White Teeth Whitener Gel

Soft Foam Mouth Tray (I already had a tray. It's easy to buy the cheap football player mouth pieces for $1 from Walmart. Put them in boiling water for about a minute and then once they are cool enough, bite them and they should form to your own teeth.


Mix one part of the Pre-Whitener Rinse with three parts of lukewarm water. Swish in mouth for 2-3 seconds and rinse out.

Squeeze a small amount of Plus White Speed Whitening Gel onto your finger and push it in between your teeth. You may want to add some gel to the mouth tray. I usually don't have to. Put in your mouth pieces. Bite down very gently. Very little pressure is required to achieve maximum results. Wipe off any excess gel.

Leave in for 5-10 minutes for regular whitening.

Remove tray and rinse mouth several times with lukewarm water, thoroughly flushing any remaining gel from mouth and gum area. Do not swallow gel. Rinse tray thoroughly in lukewarm water and air dry.

The package recommends for best results, use twice daily for two weeks. Results of 5 Minute Whitening System will start to work with the very first application. After the second week, taper off one or two applications per week or as needed. Store 5 Minute Whitening System Plus White Speed Whitening Gel in a cool, dry place and keep away from sunlight.

I haven't experience any sensitivity to my teeth or gums. I usually forget to use it twice a day but I have used it about a week now. I see a difference. I'm in the process of getting the DH and DS to try it too.